How To Use The Circle of Fifths – TWO MINUTE MUSIC THEORY #19

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Now that we’ve built the circle, how do we use it?
What all can we do with the Circle of Fifths?

Previous episode on building the Circle:

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Lisa HAMPTON says:

My High School Music Theory Fundamentals class loved this!

JD says:

I'm pretty new to music. Is this sarcasm or not? 1:27

Taylor Humes says:

Thanks for not explaining a fucking thing.

Rita Barker says:

The background music is not only unnecessary, it’s downright distracting.

vasquen says:

I use the circle of fifths to make scrambled eggs

Frederick Kron says:

Useful information, but it would be helpful if you went a bit slower, and maybe made this more interactive by giving the listener an exercise or two. That way, we can see if if "get it."

davex5424 says:

take the time to memorize these four cords in each key, so you say. give me a break. but i do not have to memorize anything. why? because if you play the accordion the buttons are in the order of fifths so i just know where they are and in any key. make sense.

kenmare16 says:

Thanks for a comprehensive yet succinct explanation. You demonstrated and explained in less than 3 minutes what others take at least two or three times as long to cover. Excellent.

Connie Gordon says:

John, not just you. I couldn't get past the high pitched, too loud background music to get to the point.

Fayola Online says:

I'm learning a lot with this series. This video was extremely insightful, I didn't know the circle of fifth could be used like that. Thanks.

Badador says:

When i watched it, the video had 1564 views

A Cappella Trudbol says:

Wow man, great stuff, thank you!

Abdullah Alsadoon says:

Very insightful!

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