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If you’ve ever wanted to reach for reverb on your vocals to help them sound like they weren’t recorded in a bedroom or closet, this is the video for you.

Today I’m going to show you the right (and wrong) way to use reverb in a mix and my favorite starting points for getting a natural reverb sound quickly.

Whether you want your vocals totally soaked in verb or just dipping their toes in the waters if you will – I’ll show you how!


Ameya says:

Have you put some distortion on the vocals.. sounds great

Ameya says:

Hi Graham i guess you missed on sidechaining the reverb and predelay settings

emmanuel Egbowon says:

thanks a lot for this.. but pls what did you put on the dirty vox.. whats the processing like and for what reason… please im eager to know

212 Rap Group says:

Post a new studio setup !

plasticspine says:

Wow you have a great voice ! Sometimes I duplicate the vocal track cut out all the t’s and S’s apply reverb and mix that in

TheRealMikeShea says:

I always got so confused when you would say you send a "copy" of the track to the auxiliary bus. To me it just makes sense to look at it as a route in a linear sense. So instead of everything going straight to the output, you add a little A/B box that outputs to the mix as well, but you can choose what goes through it and what doesn't. If that makes sense to anyone else. Kinda like a guitar signal chain. It's the pedals between your guitar and your amp.

Jasiel Calixto says:

great tip. Thank you

SageMusic says:

Love the channel! I was wondering what you use to protect your gear from power surges etc.? Power conditioner, voltage regulator, UPS?

Peter .Jones says:

isnt the LP filter simply the ability to roll off the low end reverb freq just as the HF cut is the opposite?

Andrei Martinez Agras says:

HFCut controls the duration of the high end of the reverb, LPFilter is an overall 6dB/octave cut.

NoEffortRequired says:

The dirty vocal track sounded really neat! What kinda processing is being done to it? Just compression?

Nope Nope says:

I would appreciate if someone could help. I have some reverb responses, but I can't figure out how to load them onto a track. Normal impulse response loaders wont work. I'm totally new to this, sorry if this is a dumb question. Thanks!

Zyre Raza says:

God bless you graham

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