How to use playlist and Loop recording in Pro Tools

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esto era lo que necesitaba
gracias men

Bayou Black says:

Man, this is such a huge help. I've been doing this so inefficiently in the past. Appreciate the tip!

Amadeus Rock Band says:

Thanks man very helpful

Peace, baby. says:

This is really excellent. So clear and well explained, awesome use of graphics – thanks!

Konstantin Podyachev says:

Hello how to switch between playlists on particular piece or phrase but still having the rest of the comped track staying at the place. Basically scrolling the phrase but staying on the main track. Hope my question is clear 🙂

Sarah Chawes says:

Wow, thanks A LOT! for an amazing fast answer. 🙂

SamFGordon says:

Really very nicely demonstrated!!
One q: You have now edit your way to a final playlist "vocals (10)" (I understand it's just a demo). Say you wanna listen to one of the other playlists (ei. "vocals.01 (14)") can you then go back to your edit track "vocals (10)" and will it then still be that same pieced-together file (containing clips from all 4)?

Carmen Davis says:

Thanks a bunch

Steve Huber says:

What kind of pc are you using?

JM Dub says:

Hi Brian,

thank you for this tutorial! is there any way to send recorded clips down into a playlist lane without dragging it down by hand… I´m not always recording in loop-mode and the dragging is consuming too much time inbetween takes..

troy garner says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial, it was exactly what I was looking for!!  

OBEDIA says:

thank you, please sub for more!

OBEDIA says:

thank you, please sub for more!

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