How To Use Music Theory In Your Music

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Ben Turner says:

Hi Rick, I've recently rediscovered a love for musical theater, and in particular Sondheim. I read about his background a little bit, but I'd like to understand how he thought. I have always loved the texture of the chords and progressions he uses. Would you ever consider making a video about Sondheim? Thanks!

AustinZahar says:

Haha! You’re the best UNCLE RIIIICK! Thanks for another great video.

tikabass says:

We all have it good enough to watch you on YT.

Afrojack says:

Dude you are Awesome! People need to realize how much free stuff you give them…knowledge,Time=Self! You are way too positive to have Any Negative numb nuts distract you or intervene in Your/ Our time! I like most on here really appreciate everything you share! BANDHAMMER….LOVE IT….

Matias Batarce says:

Is there a list of contents of the Beato book?

Karl Reimann says:

I love your work Rick! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Race Jones says:

I started out on Cello at 6 years old at public school. Then I played saxophone in  junior  high school.  Then I took some piano and guitar lessons. Then I learned a bunch of theory stuff at a junior college (Harmony, Jazz arrangement, sight singing, etc.).  In the course of learning all that theory I think that's what really helped me to understand what I'm hearing – particularly when I'm listening to jazz.  I don't know whether I have perfect pitch or really really good relative pitch.  These days  I find if I hear chord I can sing or hum the notes in the chord by ear , and sing a scale that fits the chord even if I've forgotten what scale goes with that chord.  I only mention this because I'm not sure if I started out with a good ear or if I just developed one because of all of the music education. Now that I think about it I must have had an ear because I remember writing out theme songs from T.V. shows when I was a kid and playing them on the saxophone.  I guess the big question for me about this topic is: if you don't have a good ear will theory help you develop one?  I don't know the answer to that question.  I'm sure somebody out there does. Maybe I should ask Adam Neely.

Zach Rowe says:

Would you mind doing some of your theory videos on guitar? I’m having difficulty transferring the theory from piano into it and I would love to see what kind of chord shapes I could use to implement it all

mvunit3 says:

Aww man . . .
Don't even get me started with Allan Holdsworth and "Nevermore" 😀 THAT Acoustic opening is sooo gorgeous. I love those 2 UK albums. Its no wonder that Eddie Van Halen to Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah worship him :). Rest in peace Allan :'(.

John Hamers says:

You're a great teacher and always total devoted and friendly. I'm really disapointed on these whining people. I can honestly tell you that I'm a man with not much money to spend 'cause I can't find a Job the last half year. I take lessons as much as my brain can take, and have to find the cheapest way. I feel sorry 'bout this fact. There will come a change in the future and I will be back to support ! For now the biggest thanks for giving free to poor souls !

lukesatriani says:

When are you gonna record some original jazz shred instrumental songs for YouTube – you could use it as a way to demonstrate a whole bunch of musical theories and concepts in concise practical ways, and it would be awesome to hear your playing in context.

Three77Sparks says:

Honestly, I just want Rick Beato to make a video with him and some friends..JAMMING! We know you're good, dude. Let's see some JAMMING!

H Kay says:

It's a pure privilege to experience this.Thank You.

pablo perez says:

Thanks!very inspiring! finally got your book so excited!

Music! says:

Rick ur the best player and teacher in my opinion …and I'm a die hard satriani fan!

hostile graveyard says:

wanna hear something on synthetic modes.'cuz i made recent searches and they ain't revealed much.thanks.

XicaDaSilva22 says:

Rick, you are awesome- Haters gonna hate! 🙂 I don't even play electric guitar- I play nylon-string (mostly brazilian stuff) but all this stuff applies, especially when I'm writing a song and I'd like to stick a little guitar tasty fill between melodic phrases. Like you mentioned, it's easy enough to go up or down a few notes in a linear fashion, but I'm def stuck in that rut and would like to build my repetoire…and have it so wired into muscle memory that I can have it come out organically and sounding smooth and natural. I don't think I'll ever be a 'soloist' or improviser per se, but I'd love to be a good at accompaniment (maybe flute + guitar) at least, and add little flourishes here and there. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and in a way that makes it so easy to learn! You're the best!!!

Graham Smith says:

You GOT to love The BeatMachines attitude xx

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