How to Use a Pro Tools Template for Recording and Mixing

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I get questions everyday about how to use the Pro Tools templates found on so I made this video to help make it easier to understand and get your recording and mixing off to a great start!

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LA Konfidential #BeatsbyLA says:

@wayne.wav What are the HK 1 – 3 Tracks for in the Hip Hop Template?

Quisey The Artist says:

I bought a template a minute ago but can find it in my email nomore

Osiris Beats says:

If support is what you need, we are always waiting for your videos. You got 100% of my support. Can you do one on clean up vocals & back ground vocals ?

LaKen P says:

16 bit or 24 bit for recording?

Forty Five says:

Broo we need the recording template tutorial for us rappers who send off songs to get mixed. PLEASE WAV PLEASE! lol

Jw Maxwell says:

I’m have to cop 1 also what you charge to mix and master can I inbox you wayne?

Rayman says:

Why are you the best music channel I ever come across I swear always happy and excited to show people new things I’m for sure gonna buy this template and the hip hop one you have! Also if there’s a way In another video to show what do you do with the master track at the bottom I’m sorry I kinda new to all this engineering stuff please let people know in advance! Been subbed for almost a year great help for sure gonna spread your videos around!

aaron bates says:

I coped the hip Hop template its a little different but I like it

Criss { Lastname } says:

Is it possible to reverse a recorded track to play backwards?

Mead Garfield says:

I've been creating my own templates for different things in Pro Tools for sometimes however I do like your tips a lot.

Telony Ex says:

Hey mr wayne wah gwaan. Jamaica in the building. Can yoo do a video on how to set up UAD audio interface. And kinda explain it. I bought this apollo twin and i use it poorly. I know it can do much more but i just cant get. About the 6 min i saw u pull up the UAD console.

MixedByScience says:

What's your vocal chain before the a/d?

私の大きなペニスを吸う says:

im about to cop this

LegitEntertainmentRecords says:

So what's better, to have plug ins on the vocal track or sending the vocal track to an aux and putting the plug ins on the aux track? Does it matter?

Nature Boys Family says:

Is there any like discount codes for pro tools or anything ?

Brandon Wilson says:

What is a reason why protools wont let u save a template

Brandon Wilson says:

Lil bro now i beep something is it better to have the overall sound in mon l/r

Magnif Musiq says:

perfect timing i just bought one of yours… i wish i had autounes though

Keith Lindsay says:

Good job bro.

dariel vales says:

How I get the template that you have

MagicSoundsBeats says:

very instructive

Sugarray Henry says:

What's a good way to eliminate latency caused by some plugin's after recording?

Zero Sternritter says:

Dude your contents are so detailed and simple to understand just wish you uploaded more frequently

Shane Jackson says:

Do you do private sessions to teach people how to mix properly?

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