How To Skyrocket on Spotify with Magnetic Music Marketing | Real Results

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It seems like every artist I talk to asks me how to increase their Spotify streams and followers as fast as possible. Now those who don’t understand marketing will tell you that the system is rigged or that you need to pay for bots to pad your numbers or sign your first born away in order to get on an editorial playlist. Neither are true. With Magnetic Music Marketing you not only rapidly grow your audience, but you can also skyrocket your Spotify streams and followers without spending a dime on paid ads. In this video I show you how one of my students went from feeling lost to receiving over 80k streams in less than 60 days.

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AdamIvy says:

Registration for my Sell Music Masterclass 2.0 is now open for a limited time. Claim your spot in the class here:

Oli Ali says:

This magnetic music marketing seems really great Adam!

Walter Scalzone says:

So, the question in this video is HOW. I didn't get the answer here, just the fact that results came…the question is still how. simply posting more on social media won't get you those many streams…

Jolix Official says:

Iā€™m about to release my first single in abt a month. Ya think ur class could help me a lot?

Afro Sensei says:

How much is the class typically?


Really an underrated channel on youtube


Transparent real world testimonials mean the world to any program or system…great information.

Ash Breaks says:

Shit I DMed you about a query related to followers and this video gave me the exact answer. Thanks a lot Adam!

JackoHooperMusic says:

Love this video Adam, so great to see you speaking with some of your students from the course and hearing their success stories. It's really inspiring, thanks!

Peripheral Burnz says:

This was really sweet and helpful!

omgizu says:

oh ma god adam i feel so thankfull for everything you do. you are amazing.

Neon Prince says:

How to get streams on Spotify??

Andrew Liljenberg says:

Adam! Loving your channel! Thanks for sharing.

Here's my debut album NIGHTFALL, just released on Spotify, if you like instrumentals:

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