How to Set Recording Levels In Pro Tools | Recording and Mixing Meters

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Recording at the proper levels is imperative to your audio quality. You don’t want the signal to bee too loud or too quiet.


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Retro Vel says:

Every fuckin body is trying to teach engineering but I think Wav. Wayne is the best on the net may be the realist audio engineering in the game right now. I'm going to be dope !!!!!!! thanks Wayne

Jason Montgomery says:

Reducing clip gain won't bring the input signal down?



Steve Stockmal says:

Nice… 79% schtick and personality
Sift through the BS for helpful tips (and be patient)

Quis $weat says:

how much do you charge for mixing mastering services?

Urban Republic says:

But cant you change the input volume of the track in protools via clip gain. its a volume icon on the waveform

Jonny Cake says:

Bruh, u need to come to the Bahamas for a seminar

fred fernandez says:

Bout to get my sound right thanks wavey

Pro Mixing Online says:

Engineering tips infused with a little bit of comedy is golden.


wavy baby lmao who else on his wavelength

Cartier Quey says:

Good look bro

Angelvox1 says:

PT is calibrated for -18db. Although -6db can still be ok at times for peaks and transients is not optimal for gain staging a signal. Not sure where you get your info.

MMM Beats says:

How did you get your input meters to show -6db? Mines only show 0 – +15db

Joahua Johnston says:

What the hell man….. We were deep in hills and ya left us. Asssss clown

Richard Baker says:

Bro. You said to try getting the signal near -6db, but when i try that the noise floor (white noise) becomes obvious. Am I doing something wrong?

Break It Down with Rob says:

Good stuff.

MoButter Beats says:

Love your channel man!

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