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AdamIvy says:

Get On The Early-Bird Waiting List Now For The Upcoming Sell Music Masterclass Here:


I dont have many followers right now, would the stories only be visible to people that follow me? ( so only targetting my small pool of people) or do people outside on my profile see the story? ive always wondered.

Laetitia says:

this !! this is what I need !! re-subscribing. Amazing job man, thank you, can't wait to use this

ESKEI83 says:

This is a great video Adam! Will try that for sure! This story was posted within 24h?

John Madere Presents: Jambient says:

I've done a similar thing and gotten great results. This is much more detailed than my method though. Will definitely try it for my next song idea. Thanks for the advice!

RiffShark says:

3rd column(what others say about your music) is empty, because nobody listens to my music 😀


What audio visualizer app/program would you recommend for beginners?

Manny Man says:

Really good info thanks im going to use this with my account @mannymantwv appreciate it


Really enjoyed this video Adam.. Been subscribed and watching your videos for a while now , I think you add great value to the music creators community. From a music “sales” perspective I think this funnel is spot on and would certainly drive sales. I was wondering tho , (from a "new artist" perspective … which I’m sure many artist, producers that follow you are…. they maybe just have had 1 or 2 singles ever released if any..) . In this case, may not have enough influence or social proof , whether it be the number of “Followers” or songs previously released to influence a new listener to actually “Buy”. What if, this new listener would go for a “share” instead of the “buy”? I was thinking In Post #3 & #4 where you use a “Poll” overlay to establish pricing interest and buying intent … then in #4 the Call to Action to the purchase page to buy . If a new artist goal is to gain new “real fans” who will eventually become buyers , would if be a better strategy swap the “Buy” for a “Share” link in these two post ? Let’s say this “new artist” , ask for listeners to share their release “Spotify” or “Apple Music” link to their friends could possibly serve as “potential buying intent” ? Would this be better in the long term for new artist discovery, than going for the single song purchase on i-tunes ? Kinda, Jab , Jab , jab strategy until you convert them to actual buyers with multiple consistent song releases and fan engagement…. Just thoughts here. Bless fam, love the vibes on your channel !!

El Talus says:

Stories only reach your existing followers?

WoWLight1 says:

Hey Adam, since you got a bit into money on this video I would love to know: As a newcomer with a little bit of reputation, what can you actually charge for a song/single/beat/album/…. I know talking about money is a dirty thing for a lot of people, but I think this could be helpful for more than it's unpleasant.

Saloth says:

Hi there, do you also offer courses or private lessons regarding music marketing? I'd like to start as a freelancer as it seems to be the fastest way to earn money right off the bat to get clients instead of slow building the fan base which sadly can't afford on that now.

Jeff Trinkle says:

ayyy, my comment for the most leeks, wooh

Victor Milesen says:

Dear Adam. I have been committed to a project for some years now, and have arrived to the main purpose of releasing one single in nearest future. My goal is to have 3 songs to become gig ready, not really to get streamed but to focus on sales of 3 wellproduced songs. My question is, do you think it's a crazy idea to skip streaming and only focus on selling tracks exclusively on iTunes? I feel it makes more sense, but I would like to hear your opinion. Cheers

Seth Charleston says:

Hey Adam, I loved the hands-on activity. It helped a lot seeing my ideas in front of me. Also, shoutout Wisconsin! I'm out here in LA repping the cheese haha

EMYHR says:

This is another great video man! Also wanted to add cuz not sure if you said it cuz was listening on ride home but for people to make sure to add hashtags to their stories. I got 800 views on my story from hashtags

InnerVibeTV says:

Your page is a testament to your methodology. Love it!

InnerVibeTV says:

Your page is a testament to your methodology. Love it!

Delan The Producer says:

That's was really valuable to me man I appreciate it !

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