How To: Recording Acoustic Guitar Basics

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Full Sail University Recording Arts Course Director Darren Schneider provides basic tips for recording acoustic guitar that you can use in any recording envi…


Full Sail University says:

Learn How To Record Acoustic Guitar [Video] 

Full Sail University says:

How To: Recording Acoustic Guitar Basics

Iago B says:

The tones here sound really alive indeed.

johnny150480 says:

Sorry, but what characteristic did you chose on the C414 for recording the
nylon string guitar in mono? When I record it (with same MIC) I have to
turn up the input gain and the guitar is still quiet.

La ne says:

I’m a professional engineer and have never really found “stereo” recording
a guitar with close mics useful. IMHO it is far more useful to chuck up a
spaced ambient pair in an equilateral triangle with a side of around 3m,
depending on the room. The you can mix the (mono) close mic with the lush
stereo in various ways in the mix more effectively than two crappy sounding
close mics (as I find miking the neck or bridge both sub-optimal). Best
mono position is 15th fret IMHO.

ThatBulgarian says:

very nice video 🙂

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