How To Read Music Scores – Music Theory Crash Course

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Music scores are used by composers, conductors, and music students. Being able to read a music score can come in handy if you’re studying a piece of music and it’s easy IF you know how the music score is organized. In this video we will look at how music scores are put together and how you can learn to read them to learn more about a piece of music and follow along with the ensemble.

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arun dey says:

Thanks. However,you are requested to teach os in large/extra large print to comprehend more better. A

Notare Alname says:

Underrated channel. This video helped a lot, the audio wasn’t crap, and the visuals were great!

You deserve more subscribers.

Fabrizio Riso says:

What program do you use for highlights and edit scores? Thank you

ThatViolaGuy says:

Horns have a lower range than Trumpets, despite being above Trumpets in the score.

musiclover says:

Me: Huh I know how to read sheet music

This video:

Lai Yin Quan says:

Great to see another upload from you! While I am an intermediate pianist, you are still very informative to fill in the gaps that I have in theory.

Kyle Silver says:

Love the D&D reference at 0:33

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