How To Quit Your Day Job For Music, Make Money and Networking Strategies – Aaron Wolf interview

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Music marketing, branding and business strategy to grow your fanbase and control your career.


Uani Palacio says:

Great info as always. My job still takes up a lot of my time but I’m def tryna change that asap

Matthew Chandler says:

Can't tap in cause I'm on the clock haha

JehzanExclusive says:

Thanks for this Sean and Aaron! Great insight from an actual independent artist whose doing things himself for the marketing.

Galaxy of GreatnessTV says:

Music is business. Business can be family.

Juice Mobb says:

Dont just like my comment, drop a like on this amazing video… and hit that subscriiiiibe button

The Queeries says:

Hi! I’ve been binging your videos lately !

COSMIC says:

An hour of straight gems, thank you for the constant help Sean

Conundrum Records says:

Brand man the best in the game when it comes to the independent grind

Coop DaTrille says:

Aaron Wolf is a GENIUS! #TrilleTalk

Your Band Is A Business says:

Thanks for this interview. I'm glad to see so many people reaching out and helping others on their music career journey.

Eklavya Singh says:

This is why I am trying to create a team of artists consisting of producers, rappers, singers, sound engineers, marketers etc so that I can have them to help out other artists. If I give them work because they don’t know how to get a access to clients or give them ideas on how to market their music, which allows me to build trust. This ecosystem of artists allows everyone to get benefit from market as a whole rather than an individual trying to take money without a leverage.

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