How To Promote Your Music & Music Marketing Strategies

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How To Promote Your Music & Market Your Music
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Manafest has been helping upcoming artists promote their music online and offline. Learn these music marketing strategies and tips to grow your music business.

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Clark Make Hits says:


Electric Jackie says:

Never met such mentor 🙂

Andrea Bernal Oficial says:

Hi, im from Colombia, im a spanish speaker, i speak a little bit english, but i really want to understand all that you speak, i wonder, if you can put subtitles to dont miss anything that you are teaching, im christian singer, and i have a YouTube channel, and in this moment im recording my first CD, just by faith, believeing to God's Voice, and i don't know anything about Music business, thank you for your help, Regards from Medellín-Colombia

TO5Z says:

You Always have some good advices. Thanks bro

flightx3aa says:

What's up Chris I haven't even watched the video yet I just want to be the first comment and like!!! I'm watching a Gary Vee vid and this right after but thank you for the content Chris!!!!

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