How to Mix Spoken Word Vocals in 2 Minutes

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Yishay Raziel says:

One thing I have to disagree: expander or hate should be at the top beginning of the chain before the compressor, or you’ll have less natural results IMO.
What is the logic to compress things you know you don’t want in the track?….

nothousebroke says:

Would that expander at around 8:30 in your vid work kinda like a D-verb? Something to un reverb a room. I am working for a great guy but his vox come to me with a pretty live room sound. Kinda reverby all on there own any tricks to quiet the liveness of his room?

Deer Creek Audio says:

You need a plaid T-shirt! ha!…another great vid, Joe. Get PreSonus to send you a faderport 16…. you'll love it as it has some features the live mixers don't. Have you ever used OBS? For my quick and dirty screen capture videos, it's free and great. If you're happy with what you've recorded….no editing/mixing when you're done. Good for the live streams too. Automatically uploads to YouTube when you stop streaming.

Richard Dickson says:

No compression? Our pastor's voice goes from whisper quiet to a good forte (no yells, but clear and strong) and a compressor helps me even it all out. Thank you for the good ideas/helps!

Stephanie Carlyle says:

I’ve done a lot of production on shows for radio broadcast, which has been a fun and varied thing for me, often mixing in music tracks for good measure. Never has GIRATS been so important when all that’s there is a voice! Sometimes, the recording environment wasn’t great, which was a bit of a challenge. Fun, though.

Jonny Lennox says:

Brilliant, really helpful as I'm hoping to get started with podcasting this month. Thanks again Joe!

David Komel says:

Back in the day, I worked at a recording studio that specialized in radio commercials and audio for video. G.I.R.A.T.S. was our guiding principle. Usually we had an hour to record, mix and master a 60- and/or 30-sec campaign spot that may or may not contain voice(s), music and effects. More complex spots required more, but most were around the one hour mark. You got to be good, fast. Pre-production was key! My favourite spots were the concert announcements. Cutting music bed tracks was the best fun! (Those were separate half-hour sessions, usually done the day before.) Knowing your gear, the talent, and the client got to be just another tool in your arsenal. Thanks for these very fun and informative videos, and the reminders that what was, still is. (Yeah, OK, a bit dramatic…) If anyone from the Toronto, Ontario area remembers the Canada's Wonderland spots from the mid '80s with "Dave Nash", the last 2 years of that series were all done in my room at the studio where I worked. THOSE were fun!!

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