How To: Melodic Trap Melodies Using Music Theory x Chords

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Close SP Anonymous School of Music -Theory Based Tutorial Creating Melody From Arpeggiated Chords. We build a Melody Derived from the Aeolian Mode/Natural minor 4-5-1 Progression to establish tonality, Format and process on How to compose your beats, How to understand Melody create musical patterns to support one main idea and analyze music properly, scientifically, intelligently, theoretically and by the numbers as it pertains to music theory and the psychology of music. Spreading Love always.
Peace x Blessings, Maestro SP!

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alenV13 says:

thank you.

once again….THANK YOU BRO!!!! you've seriously helped me understand what I was missing..

PowerOfThoughtENT says:

I feel dumb for watching any other tutorial on YouTube besides yours. Excellent breakdown. I definitely want to learn more

VGABND_Kenji says:

Thank you so so much for this incredible tutorial! I’ll be revisiting this one until I get it grounded in my mind

lindah zimisele says:

man I'm hear to thank you, you changed the game for me. What I did I sat down started going deeper on them VIDEOS and they tot me so much about music and now I get orders for beat. Now I'm in control of my beat, man keep on what you doing, looking to take your course very soon.

Eddy Dinero says:

is the school still open? the information you give is priceless

Shadow Black Beats says:

Where are you selling your beats?

Zial says:

This is literally the best music tutorial I have seen in my life

grey illey says:

good video man

Tyler Kramer says:

that 808 sounds so good wtf

Josh Gaddis says:

If you’re here, take another step further. Invest in yourself, join the school, change your life. Real knowledge is rare and here it is abundant. Words cannot do justice. This is the answer to all your questions in music, and I can attest; I found my purpose within this school.

MT the Producer says:


YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH YOU’VE HELPED ME‼️ Over the past couple months, I’ve seen some of my closest neighbourhood friends end up on the wrong path getting addicted to drugs or being sent to prison. I really don’t wanna go down that path so I isolated myself from the outside world just focusing on my programming skills and making beats. You’ve really brought me so much joy watching your videos and it motivated me to start my own channel! I just wanna say thanks so much. You don’t have to, but if you do decide to check out my first video, feedback would certainly help‼️

P.S if any of you producers out there want to support each other, lemme know. I’m trying to see us progress as a community. For all you rappers, the beat I uploaded will be FREE FOR PROFIT. Just email me.

MT The Producer,

SSM Krup says:

Fantastic lesson Maestro… dropping these gems

F1RST48 says:

Only way to learn is the SSM WAY!!! Greatest education on the planet!!!!

Unsurpassed One says:

didn´t know about you. One of the best informative music production tutorials i've watched in a long time, thanks man.

Musica Latina says:

Buenisiiimo! 😀 Sexy beat. U, u, u XDDD

C Flat says:

Amazing tutorial! All knowledge no filler!

Matty T Beatz says:

Amazing knowledge Maestro! best composer and greatest music school I know

808 District says:

Best music school out. #SSM4L

BeatsByArc says:

maestro feeding the people some invaluable information

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