How To Make KILLER Melodies WITHOUT Music Theory

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How to make killer melodies without music theory. In this video I show the way I make my melodies.I don’t use that much music theory to be honest. I used Fl studio 12 in this video.

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Случайный ПареньОК says:

Just visit your mixer and open Pitcher (and turn it off so it wont change any sounds). That's your scale

roei meiri says:

What does a real killer music sounds without music theory:
Blues. Listen to blues.

Secrrtcxde XXX says:

похоже на Ариану Гранде

A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber says:

i dont have ears. GG for me

szymix 7 says:

I can hear the Deaf Kev- Invincible in the chords lmao

Minh Hải says:

Everybody into the channel to support me ^^, thank you very much

Joy De1G says:

Bro I do the same….hum some shit n record it in my phone n then lay it down later

FlamingoFX says:

What sound did you use? How did you get that sound of piano?

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