How To Make CRAZY Chord Progressions – WITHOUT Music Theory

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Ultrasonic says:

When you are creating CHORD Progressions you need to try a lot of combinations until you find a good one 🙂 ♥ – ULTRASONIC 2019

Filip Sedláček says:

How to make DubVision style? :O <3

Mr. SLEI says:

Hi ultrasonic I have subscribed and connected to messenger but the download link didn't work in my email

Wreck Tangle says:

Im new to production. Does ableton offer features like the Chord display button and ghosted notes that you used to make the melody?

Siwapron Kertprateep says:

Your accents is very annoying…can.speak normally???


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TheBebe1120 says:


Tom Brittain says:

kream tutorial

Markus Strl says:

Can someone explain me how i can See the Notes in my Piano pattern

MaxMillion says:

How does Future Bounce Melodie design work?

Melosive says:

Ultrasonic, I dare you to make some Tropical House instead of doing the exact same tutorial but slightly different (still love them tho)

GTA 5 TAMIL Gamers says:

Mr.Ultrasonic please make a tutorial for making melodies and leads

CJ says:

Wht's the outro music

Łukasz says:

Give me your voice ok

ツSTYlus says:

can you put out your folder with the minor and major skills
beacuse i need it 😀

Barbara Hung says:

Throttle tutorial

Reinz Bill Dugan says:

DUDE i see all your ads before videos. I wwant to know what these songs areee

BAD-O Animations says:

It’s easier to do this if you know how to play piano

Elísio João dos Santos Simão says:

how to unlock the midi scales?

OSHEEN says:



The Best Tutorial Thanks Man ❤

Rak3sH says:

That dj khaled…lol
We the best music

Evann Blaze says:

WTF!!!!!!!!!! Searched tutorials like this in the internet everywhere but 2 days latter you came up with this , wow i am so thankful for you.Keep it up. I hope you can do a tutorial on melodies.

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