How to Make Beats and Construct Grooves | Make Music with Cubase Elements

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Groove is one of the key building blocks in music production and it’s important to make sure you have a solid foundation from the get go. In the first video in the “How to create music in Cubase Elements” video series we’ll use the powerhouse beat making tool, Groove Agent SE 4, to construct, record and edit beats and grooves. Then we’ll look at shaping the sound of each element of the groove using the FX section in Groove Agent SE 4. One final point, you don’t need to play a note in anger: we’ll show you how to do it all using the many production tools inside of Cubase Elements.

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OhShia LaBooof says:

Geez! Those pads were so annoying! Nowadays you can’t do anything without somebody getting triggered.Am I right

Paul Cook says:

you go way to fast

Stick Wan says:

Hi.cubase when ever I switch the drums from the keyboard to the drum stick to write my music in the program crashes

Trumpet Player says:

I really appreciate these videos, Andy. They help me a lot!

Luke G says:

My midi keyboard doesn’t seem to do anything when I try to make a pattern and record it, it’ll just play the sound once and won’t loop it. Any advice?

Will B says:

All I want to know and can't find is:
Does Groove Agent work in any other Time Signature than 4/4?  
If it doesn't it's like having a 1 note piano.  Anyone?

Vivek Sharma says:

Does your video series apply to cubase elements 8 too the same way Sir?

Axel Baldessari says:

How you do it in 4:26?

Denz Bermillo says:

Does all of these VST's are included to Cubase Elements 9?

JORI Zerer says:

Hey all. I like to use Groove Agent but with using the intern mixer I got one problem : how to have a Send effect (for example kick) from the Groove agent mixer to another vst instrument (bass)? I didn't figure out yet so I have to set up a new output for the GA 4 kick and then use send effect to the bass. Can anyone help?

Els eels says:

On 2:534 when you're setting the "filter type" to "classic" is that affecting just one of the samples, correct? and then when you move onto "mixer" you're still only affecting that one sample. How to do you to give a reverb to the whole of the drums?
When I go into the "master" tab on the mixer I cant seem to be able to do anything, it's greyed out, can't add reverb there.

saM00617 says:

Does somebody knows how you create mute groups in groove agent se 4?

Kri2tof says:

Question: I opened GA then i click on pattern mode, i choose a pattern from the dropdown box , but i have no sounds on any of the patterns..?
What did i wrong? In instrument mode i loaded a sound , and here it plays good ..
Any help Please ..

Andrey Rachkin says:

Hey guys, do other Yamaha reface synths work with Cubase, or only the CS model?

J. Trevor Young says:

Just once I'd love to see a tutorial that showed how to construct a groove using a realistic sounding drum track coupled with some bass.
I can enjoy electronic dance music to some degree, but when I'm trying to learn how to use the software and it's the only kind of music that they ever seem to make it makes me wonder if I'm even using the right program at all.

Elaborate Press says:

Hi I won't recommend a brickwall limiter on this drum bus, this cuts off the peaks only but you did not adjust the compressor before and u did not mix the sounds on the Groove agent bank before so go down with the level on this channel by mixing first and than use a limiter…

FMN-Music says:

What is the flash-button top left for? thx

Electro Blazin says:

hi.Locator pens are hard to use. I want you to undo

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