How to loop record ADR and use track comping in Pro Tools

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In this video we take a look at the process of loop recording ADR in Pro Tools and the associated track comping features. Playlists and a number of keyboard shortcuts essential to the ADR workflow are also covered.


William.N says:

Is it record the ADR, dialogue by dialogue or record the whole dialogue scene in one time?

Shinobi-1 says:

Great vid…i hope Pro Tools gets Quick swipe comping like Logic.

Gerald Meyer says:

Thanks for this tutorial! So much information – brilliant explained (as all of your video)! Again THANK YOU Paul!!!!!!!!

Vishnu Vardhan says:

Hi #Paulmounder sir I have a question please rectify this

Can I mix 5.1 project with Protools perpetual 12 ?

Edward Santiago says:

What file format should the videos be exported as before they can be ingested into Pro Tools for ADR?

cirusraskilz says:

WoW thanks a lot. Merci beaucoup ! I’ll be dangerous the day I’ll master these

mandal24680 says:

I have several video tracks…what’s the workflow for edit video – cut&past into main video track? I guess there is no playlist for video tracks?

Gary Westhead says:

Great, that…

Bruce Scott says:

What's adr?

angrybonbon says:

Hi Paul. Great video again. Useful for vocal comping not just ADR. Could you copy/paste the list of shortcuts shown at the end to the description for the video above? Would be very useful.

Denis Estevez says:

Hey, well, I do have a question: What preferences must you have on/selected for all this to work as per your video? Loop Recording creates Playlists automatically? What else, Layered editing?

Aritra Roy says:

Please share a tutorial on 5.1 mixing with 5.1 and stereo print

Edward Bauman says:

Great tutorial!

mandal24680 says:

Thanks – great video !

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