How to Install Cubase LE AI Elements | Getting Started with Cubase LE AI Elements 9

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In this first video we run you step by step through the installation and activation process. Then we explain file management and have a quick look around the software.

We hope you find this video entertaining and useful. If you like what you see, please leave a comment and tell us what you think. Thank you.
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Tommy D says:

Unless your activation code works the first time you will have a nightmare trying to reactivate it, maybe Steinberg needs to send a computer expert around your house to help you out !

Phil Linstead says:

Is it me but I found this far too advanced for a total rookie. Don't get me wrong I installed Elements ok and enjoyed the tour…..But far too many assumptions for my taste….Got lost on the media bit. Obviously my instruments are not set up correctly as cant see any of them….hence video was not that good ….for me…after that point. Maybe this should have just been a short video on how to install and activate, then had a part two on how to set up your instruments….maybe I will find what I need in the configuration video….the demonstration should come after you have things you can relate to on the screen.

Alex 67 says:

Error syncsoall.dll help pls ?

A2MB5 says:

so i use my activation code for my licenser, but than cubase le also asks one when i an to start it…. and i cant use the same one

Andrie Alinsangao says:

Cubase LE is free, right?

Bend Em says:

Why speak a million words a minute. Have a look at a ted talk. That’s about the right pace. You talk faster than a formula one car down the home straight. Talking fast is not great communication specially in educational tutorials.

Michel JEUNET MANCY says:

Et les Francais????

Doctor Jones says:

Méchante marde…toujours très dur avec le logiciel de licence d'avoir accès….malgré bcp d'effort avec le service à la clientèle….je ne le recommande à personne…

Alle G says:

I have a problem… I bought Cubase elements 9.5 and install like you but in my computer it close when start to scaning plugins. How a solve this? thanks in advance!

Brandon Rosenvall says:

When I open the media tab, I'm not able to see any instruments, samples, or audio and it's telling me audio files are missing. I don't know what to do to fix this

Kate K says:

Is it actually cheaper to first download the trial version and then purchase for Cubase Elements? Even cheaper than the education version of Elements?

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