How to HARMONIZE A Melody With Just 3 Chords [Music Theory Tutorial]

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(At 4:32 and at 7:02 in the video are the examples you want to hear)

You know the old adage on how to write Blues (or Rock. Or Country… depends how you ask):

“Three chords and the truth”

That was fine and dandy for a while… and then we got inundated with 3-chords and 4-chords cheesy pop songs and now everybody is tired of the same old same old 3 chords.

Which is a pity.

Because honestly, I love well-made 3-chords harmonizations. And I think that all musicians should know how to do one.

(Harmonization: “put chords to a melody”)

For two reasons:

1. They sound great, and

2. They are a great ‘first harmonization’ that you can do in seconds, and then you can always add more complex ideas if need be.

If you’ve never harmonized a melody before… this is exactly where you want to get started. Watch the video, try it with your guitar, start having more fun than you ever had with music 🙂

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steve sandefur says:

how did you get an E maj chord with 15,15,16 on the g,b,e strings…???

Notaliberal Fromcali says:

I just play what sounds right. You can figure all this stuff out. I just play it.

Jose Moctezuma says:

hi grettings from Mexico…

I am interested in the course "Complete chord Mastery" … I have 2 questions, if I take the plan of 1 monthly lesson, how many months does the course last in total, and finally is there some kind of discount for someone like me? We are going through difficult times.

I await your response, Blessings.

Nonrev Nosnibor says:

I am confused

Alex Font says:

Great content and good video. Would be awesome a part2 with a bit more complex chords.

Stuart Arnold says:

This was one of the best explanations I have followed for harmony. Thanks for the video

Are Feet Shoes? says:

Loving the inclusion of whatever software you're using for the sheet music. It would be awesome to see you do more of that.

Wayne Solum says:

What software are you using for the orchestration and what sound library? I like the swells.

Jump Man says:

Really cool lesson and music! What software so you use for create this music? The sound is really cool!

Norman Love says:

This video has changed my life. I am 3 times the producer I was before. All my melodies prior to this was just the root note. 🙂 Song I just wrote sounds amazeballs.

supercussive says:

In what respect(s) is the guitar a better sketching instrument than the piano?

kage says:

i would buy this man a beer under any circumstances

bochasotes says:

Gracias nuevamente Tomasso y cuando puedas te pido que hagas otro video donde muestres como transportas la armonía de la guitarra a la orquesta, es un enfoque muy bueno el tuyo que no había visto en otros videos

Craig Confer says:

Every one of your videos helps me understand music that much more! You are a fantastic instructor! Thanks Tommaso.

Vishal Mohan says:

You are one of the best music teachers on YouTube imo. Can you plz explain coltrane intervals and changes. All of us would be grateful to you. Thanx in advance.

Seweryn Habdank-Wojewódzki says:

Thanks for sharing! What about: I, II, VII? Or even: I7, II7?

Thijs van Gisbergen says:

Hey it's been a good one. Good luck on your channel. Gotta keep some distance from the whole theory thing, thanks for the diminished transitioning stuff.

nick name says:


S.E.A says:

Looks like that is how Mozart was writing his music

luigi gallucci says:

2 chords are enough,, 1 diminished and 1 Maj6 or min6 or Dom7

PissedFechtmeister says:

I IV V isn't the only set of three chords that span the whole scale. Everybody's homework assignment is to find every combination of 3 triads that span the whole scale.

Josue Blanco says:

Do you have videos in Italian? Io sto imparando l’italiano, and I would like to learn music in Italian.

michel DINDAINE says:

the second harmonization has a "Mahler" minor melancholic feel to it.
Love your videos.

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