How To Get on Spotify Playlist and Find Curators 2020 – Music Marketing

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In this music marketing video, I show how I find and contact Spotify playlist curators in order to get my artist featured.

So this is how to get into Spotify playlists in 2020.

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Erdman - justmakehit says:

Thanks for the helpful tip

Playlist Supply says:

We developed a tool that does all the annoying research part for you automatically.

Feel free to check it out on

valmont moore says:

can you contact these guys if your song hasnt came out yet ?

White Monkeys says:

A very patient strategy. Like a lion ready to pounce!

Mɗ Yʋŋʋs Moɭɭʌ says:

The tricks given in the video is very helpful❤❤

Taaki Tamang says:

today i knew how to find and contact spotify playlist curators thanks for sharing video .

Saran jeeva says:

Most of the time, they choose tracks recommended from Spotify’s powerful algorithms to have the best chance of success of picking a winner. Spotify is great in giving musicians plenty of ways in sharing their music especially on social media. I swear Nice video and great tutorial one..

Sanjaya Kc says:

the way you explain about music marketing is awesome and i dont know it before this and wanna say thank you for sharing such wonderful knowledge for us ……

marilyn avila says:

Great .. thanks for the tip on how to work on the Spotify playlist! I didn't know how to do it.

Adithyan Unni Krishnan says:

Very helpful. Now I get a clear picture about get on Spotify playlist.

Rehman Rehman says:

Wowww its amazing vedio. Its 100% working method. Thank you so much for sharing

Mahmood Awwad says:

very good, thanks for that

kuber thapa says:

this video is really good to get on spoty playlist and find curators 2020. thanks for sharing this video

sandy says:

this method for Spotify Playlist and Curators really worked for me thank u

Technical Odisha says:

Useful information for me

Abdulbasi hashim umar says:

Wow this tutorial video is very interesting and helpful thanks for sharing it I rated it 100%.

vivan vision says:

thanks for the information

munna raj says:

This method is very good. Get on Spotify Playlist really tutorial is very good and informativ..
Awesome tutorial..

Gire Roy says:

This video tutorial is amazing, thank you so much.

vamsi krishna says:

I have learnt something important

Jhon wick says:

i loved your idea and it's quite helpful for me. thanks for sharing . keep uploading videos like this

Ut pal says:

This is such a helpful and informative video of getting on the Spotify playlist as well as finding Curator of Music Marketing 2020 Thank you for sharing this excellent video with us.

Aderibigbe Aminat Adetoun says:

Thanks for d video

Damian Manuel Porra Mercado says:


Subrata Biswas says:

This is a great video for spoty music system

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