How To Get Fans | Music Marketing 2019

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What if I could show you all of Travis Scott’s fans. Where they are, what they’re doing and why they’re doing it… Guess what I CAN.

If you’re wondering how you could use this information, I got you. is the world’s greatest database of digital behavior. AKA It’s the perfect place to steal your favorite rappers fans!

In the video above I’m going to walk you through finding any rappers fans and how you can MAKE THEM YOUR FANS

This video matters to you if…
– You want more traffic to your website
– Want more people to discover your music
– Want to increase your streaming numbers and revenue.

I’m going to show you how we can be creative with what we find and use it to steal some new fans.

An Open Book Test Isn’t Cheating, And SimilarWeb Is Your Open

What is SimilarWeb? It’s your other best friend! (But I’m still number one.)

SimilarWeb is the world’s greatest database of digital behavior. It’s an online tool where you can investigate your competitor’s website traffic and engagement, track and grow the engagement on your own websites right down to the time spent there, and understand why and how people are visiting the websites that they are. It’s also the perfect place to steal ideas!

It’s easier if I show you. Check out this weeks video to get a better understanding of how SimilarWeb works, and the information you can easily gather by using this service.

Once You Got The Goods, Let’s Get To Work.

You want more traffic to your website. We all do. But in order to attract potential customers and audience to your site, you’re going to need to put some different strategies and techniques into action.

The information can be extremely useful to gain more traffic to your own website or product, however, the service isn’t there to tell you how to use that information. It’s up to you to be creative with what you find.

For example, a simple search of a friends bands website on SimilarWeb showed that we’re getting a lot of traffic through this particular youtube video. Assuming it was one of their music videos, I followed the link. To my surprise, the video was a mash-up of soccer goals created by a YouTube channel that was getting millions of views. This one video, in particular, had over 1.2 million views, and the music in the video was a song from my friend’s band! By using their song, and crediting the song and band in the description, they gained an entire audience that they may not have otherwise reached.

Lightbulb! Your music could be the type of music that a multi-million viewer channel is looking for to put in the background of their video. Now do some research and find out what niche market is using music similar to yours in their videos and reach out! You could potentially reach a new audience that you had not even thought about.

Check out this weeks video to see how I discovered this left turn into a high traffic, new market.


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yo I made an account, but I couldn't see any of the insights. do I have to buy the pro?

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