How To Get A Distorted Radio Voice Effect In Pro Tools

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Popular in many tracks, the distorted radio voice effect. Russ shows you several tricks for achieving both the radio and the distorted voice using just the stuff that ships with Pro Tools.


lilpreachkc says:

Russ how much do you charge for mix & master plz email me

myndmelt says:


StarDida says:

Any chance of making a tutorial for some sound from the new linkin park song, lost in the echo…love the effects there!! 🙂

airusersblog says:

It’s Nectar using autotune, doubler and limiter, Nectar is dope

mahon257 says:

woud love to know too Russ @jimmydooley81 (main vocal)

jimmydooley81 says:

what are you using on the main vocal track? I really like the way that sounds but can’t figure out what effects you’re using, would really appreciate the info, thanks

giabgr says:

Don’t forget that audiosuiting the sansamp will put it before the eq. And turn off that bloody Universe view!

surfz247 says:

Excellent video Russ.

severe10 says:

what preset are you using in Boom?

tnima says:

pretty sweet, I like the song too. Did the vocals have some tuning done?

Danny Tenhundfeld says:

and if you wait for pt11 wait for at least 2 patches since new versions of protools are always buggy at first, you’ll thank yourself

rulix36 says:

how do u do the normal effect,, for the voice , its like autotune but different

JSprayaEntertainment says:

Yeah , say once FL Studio , bounces down its tacks as loud as Pro tools … there wont be a need for pro tools … the only reason We own pro tools is for mastering…

This is proved in all the Recent Beat Contest ( taggs beat contest), Not to mention the shift in the pro world to FL Studio . from teddy Riley to Kanye west . And dont trust people that deal with one daw (they will say there all good , or theres is best).. I have them all … ipads and FL studio is Best (not 4 Mastering)

dmoates420 says:

yeh, that upgrade price is brutal. If I were you, unless your close to getting it soon, I would just wait for Pro Tools 11. It is supposed to be reprogrammed from the ground up.  Pro Tools right now, as much as I love it, lacks alot of power compared to other daws when dealing with virtual instruments and midi. Plus just plain audio too in some ways. I have been using Studio One lately and I just can’t get over being able to freeze my audio and midi tracks when I need to. Huge feature. PT11?

snchzmusic says:

thats so mean!! he’s using PT10!! while i’m still saving to upgrade mine!

mateusp55 says:

I love this effect! Nice!

NoodleStudioRecords says:

Great one guys

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