How to Find the Key of a Beat or Song (Music Theory Simplified)

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pwalker says:

Am I the only one that uses a free autotuner app to find notes? It's a lot easier than this

Ndujamz says:

Busyworksbeats is the man. Thank you once again. We appreciate u brother. Shout out from South Africa

De'shawn Jimerson says:

bro thanks I’ve been wondering how to find the keys for my autotune

acidpro says:

You're genius! Thank you

DaShaun Thomas says:

Anyone else feel like he forces personality out

Dave Erving Evader Knives says:

I just did this on my last piece, i thought i was in C major, but one note sounded better and and it was F# making it G major or C Lydian… Take it easy

Gigi Becali says:

I'm dissapointed. I thought you were gonna use the guitar for this


<3 dopppeee asf .

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