How to Customize and Configure the Different Meters in Cubase | Q&A with Greg Ondo

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In this Q&A episode, Greg Ondo discusses how to customize the meters in Cubase, and configure the different meter types from Wave meters to Loudness meters to Unit meters. There are a lot of options in Cubase to customize the meters. Click Play to learn all about them.

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Eric Bellerose says:

Hi Greg where can I find Spotify and others presets ?

Dima Grand says:

How can I get that little line (max peak marker) above the meter ?

Willi Schirwa says:

Thx a ton, just exactly what I needed right now

Brian Wylie says:

Thanks Greg. I love Cubase but I must be honest – Cubase really needs better metering in the mixer. I’m not a fan (or user) of Pro Tools but the mixer metering for each channel there is exactly what I want in Cubase. Having peak and VU/RMS in one meter for each channel is a much better way of metering for mixing – peak actually means very little in mixing whilst VU on the other hand is critical for effective loudness per channel. If I could only have one for 32 bit mixing, I’d choose VU as peak is only important for fixed precision channels (eg master channel) for clipping.

Give me VU per channel, also showing the peaks, plus a gain reduction meter, and I would happily say Cubase is the best DAW by far! Just give us what Pro Tools has! 🙂


We Need audio alignment Added to Cubase Like Nuendo Has Thanks

Gareth Millers says:

Thank you Greg. Just what I was looking for once again.

E L I T E O N T H E B E A T says:

Great video! Thanks for always spreading the knowledge Greg. God bless.

Magnus Lervik says:

I love all these videos you are posting. I've been using Cubase for 20 years and because of these videos I'm still learning new things about Cubase. Keep up the great job!!

Patient Zero says:

Thanks for another great video. Little question though; is there a way to change it so the peak indicator is momentary rather than having to click on it each time? What I mean by that is on the master bus, when your project peaks the area above the track name will turn red and in order to make it go back you have to click on it. It would be nice to just listen through a project and see where it peaks each time.

Eyal Matri says:

Does clipping happens when an individual channel shows peaks above 0dB, but master channel is turned down to peak below 0dB?

Mя. H¥ðє says:

Thank you Greg 🙂

sure roan says:


Hani Siblini says:


Sven Hegen says:

two things. (if the following is possible, please tell me)
it would be cool if you could switch the direction the wave @4:30 is flowing. To me it makes more sence if it's coming from the top going downwards, because then it enters the channel strip and the fader.
And I would like to have different settings on the meters. For example the top meter showing the input signal and the bottom meter next to the fader showing the post-panner. that would make much more sence than showing the same thing twice.

Tiago Lorena says:

There doesn't seem to be a way to have RMS and Peak shown simultaneously on track meters, nor a way to flip the direction of the Wave meters, right?

Reson8s says:

This is a game changer for me. I'm visually impaired and struggle with some colours and contrasts, so being able to change this will help me see levels so much easier

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