How To Count Rhythm, Part 1 – TWO MINUTE MUSIC THEORY #6

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Today we learn how to count to 4. The basics of how to count rhythm in Common Time…part 1.

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autumn says:

ugh, it’s so hard to count to four

Kk Strap says:

Great series man!

Mike Morada says:

You earned a subscription my friend! Great lesson!

Jeeff Boi says:

I need help with the rhythm "and 1 and" Idk how to play it

Ben Arrowsmith says:

Thanks, this helped a lot with my music theory homework.

xoxUnD3R0aThxox says:

what do u mean by "for notes landing on the beat"? and what do u mean " middle of the beat"?

Nicholas2727 says:

Thank you for a great series so far.
You could have made the background music play the temp you are counting in. Just a thought.

davian williamson says:

This is so informative yet

Niku Amin says:

dude ure amazing..thanks

Bobby Miles says:

This is a cool video! Going to check out the rest of the series.

dogsluvme123 says:

THIS IS SUCH A GOOD SERIES!! I'm vice president of my high school chorus and I'm definitely showing this to my director!

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