How to connect a Behringer BCF2000 to Cockos Reaper

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Please click the link below to subscribe to this channel – Thanks This video shows how to connect a Behringer BCF2000 midi controller to the Reaper DAW using Mackie mode and SONAR 3 mapping Useful links you will need the B-CONTROL BCF2000 Emulation modes (English) guide from


Deanomaui1 says:

is it possible to manipulate the master vol. also on Reaper?
can’t seem to get it.

ianjohncole says:

I know what you mean the instructions manual isn’t very clear I’m glad it helped cheers Ian

Deanomaui1 says:

Thanx so much your video is the only way I was able to get my BCF200 to work with Reaper!
been trying all day and stumbled on your vid horayyyy !

borralbi says:

didn’t work 🙁 I can only switch from 01 to 09 to 17… but not back. Do you have another idea?

ianjohncole says:

Hi Did the video help solve your problem ? cheers Ian

ianjohncole says:

Hi try setting the Tweek Size to 27 this might help cheers Ian

borralbi says:

Thanks so much for this video! Do you have an idea why I can change the banks (preset buttons) only in one direction and not back??

Levi790 says:

Hey. I followed all these steps. My BCF2000 is displaying NCSo, but when I go into reaper, in the control surfaces option menu, it displays BCF2000 but not Mackie control. I don’t know what to do here. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

ianjohncole says:

I’m glad it was useful Kery I did spend a day messing around trying to get it to work the first time I’ve noticed that Reaper loses the settings whenever you upgrade so be careful of that tc from The new love of your life ;o)

lossius says:

Thanks! Worked like a charm.

interpreter says:

Awesome – thanks very much for this demonstration !

elwoodvic says:

I’ll keep trying then. I’ll let you know if I find a solution.

Thank you very much!!

ianjohncole says:

thanks glad it was useful Ian

ianjohncole says:

Hiya there may be a workaround for plugins but I’m not sure, I’ve never needed it, I like to manage plugins in the box, I only use it for final mixing cheers Ian

ianjohncole says:

Thanks very much yes I’m running Win 7 64-bit cheers Ian

elwoodvic says:

It worked for me, but no plugin control. Just Vol, pan, rec, mute, solo. It stays in the pan mode forever. Is there a workaround for this?
Thank you very much!

un4cnmetal says:

Good Video my friend. I’m going to get one or maybe 2 of these. I’m tired of fighting with the drivers on my M-Audio project mix in windows 7 64-bit. It looks like it will work much better. Are you running Windows 7 ? Thanks

robotsmakesushi says:

Well done. Thanks for saving me a lot of fiddling…

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