How to Compose without Playing an Instrument | Make Music with Cubase Elements

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Now that we’ve got our groove sorted, it’s time to start shaping our music production building blocks. Cubase Elements comes loaded with killer sounds in the shape of HALion Sonic SE 2 and Steinberg’s creative genius, the Chord Track. The Chord Track is going to take care of all the hard work. All you need to do is sit back and let a musical idea come to find you. You don’t even need to know how to play an instrument. Then add some flavor and color and let the Chord Track play the bass and a stack of synth tracks. You’ll soon have your production heading in the right direction.

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Honky Donkey says:

this made my pp sad

Feigsfar says:

Does anyone know how he gets that UI type, so he can edit notes without having to bring up key editor in a separate window?

Fernando Magau says:

Hi will I be able to connect my mpc studio with Cubase elements via the interface or any other interface thanks

Cong Dung Nguyen says:

And sound design?

Zinkroid Music says:

could I use Cubase LE-AI-Elements without a bottle of wine? I'm 13 and I don't wanna collapse while using Cubase if I took a drink

SuperDigitalMe says:

This is going too fast for absolute beginners

Eric Kauffmann says:

Great work!

Subramanian T R says:

Does cubase elements come with any VST?

D Fine says:

what a wonderfully hot beard

Issie wizzie says:

so does the elements version have the same chord player feature as in the full version?

Vatzek Barnak says:

Great tip! Question. I own C9 and HS SE2. I can't find Trip. Any suggestion?

audiotrax2000 says:

These Cubase videos are like chunks of brain candy. I love it. 🙂

Ghazipuriya Music says:

how to download sir

Dan Delobo says:

Super useful videos! Thank you. I am glad to have Cubase 9.

Shay Wolleswinkel says:

So there is cubase and cubase elements ?i dont understand a difference, my dad want to instal a home studio in my room for me and i want cubase as my doll, but i want the best…. so what kind of versions are there ??
Is there also a cubase pro :/?

Jeff Dafoe says:

Very helpful! I didn't know that the chord track chords could be drug to other tracks to create "normal" midi clips. I've watched hour-long videos on the composition process but there's something about watching it done in less than 10 minutes that is very helpful. It's like looking over someone's shoulder.

Dorinel Culea says:

Nice! news C9

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