How to Change The Tempo of a Song Mid Production | Music Production for Beginners

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Sometimes you will want to change the tempo of a song mid project, which you can do in the Tempo Settings box. However, while the MIDI tempo will have changed, the audio tempo changes might not take effect. This music production for beginners video shows how to change the tempo of a song and make both the MIDI and audio parts play back correctly. You can also have multiple tempo changes within a Cubase project by creating a tempo track and drawing in the changes.

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Ian van gemeren says:

I always hear artifacts when changing tempo

John Mckechnie says:

great video thanks. Question. I have a track all audio that I didn't record to click. the tempo is 120bpm. The track is actually 80bpm . Is there a way I can align the project to the correct tempo, without affecting tempo. I basically want to be able to use click/snap to grid features.

Gil Lewis says:

I use this technique a lot, but it is still not ideal because if you then add information, you will need to keep on redoing this action with every single new track.

Bill Coopland says:

Tempo changes have been lost in a lot of today's music. This isn't a return to 'old'. It's exploring what could be.

Hansol Jang says:

I wish next time cubase 10.5 includes musical mode can be found easily and become bigger icon. a little frustrating current version of cubase.

Douglas Aparicio says:

Hagan un canal en Spanish

Fix Cena says:

love this, seems very easy to do – thumbs or fins up

Alex John Ernest Vincent says:

If you want to go deeper with tempo, worth mentioning the Tempo Editor (Ctrl-T), which allows inserting bars, processing bars in one signature into another, or changing the types of tempo changes between points as jumps or ramps.

Simthembile Phesa says:

I am loving this track already. Who sings the song? Is it out already???

Rolla Coasta Ride says:

great tips, really useful, cheers

TheHirade says:

2 weeks too late, struggled around over this issue for hours :/

Thanks man!

Siraj Ahmed says:

How to flut record in midi editing.?

Narsufin says:

Awesome synchronicity. I listened to a track this morning that is all rendered to audio and decided it was too fast. Thought I'd have to finish it and then time stretch the whole thing. Thanks, that was amazing timing (no pun intended).

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