How to Build Music Scales – Music Theory Crash Course

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How to build music scales using half steps and whole steps. We examine the chromatic scale, major scale, and minor scales in this video.


Marcus Ferguszerrn says:

India music is best

Mirano says:

Pls turn the velocity down on whatever you’re using for the piano

Elian22 says:

Thank you again

Defragler says:

1:51 Major Scale
2:35 Minor Scale

Defragler says:

In three awesome minutes you explained and let me listen up the ladder and down the ladder! Thanks going to listen to this!

Se7enwonders says:

This is wonderful. Thanks. Do you have any info about the Modes? Just asking.

25 Savage says:

Bro you really deserve more views, great job!

black_smudges says:

thank you… this was awesome

Ahmed Anwer says:

please do a video on intervals! thanks

devanshu sharma says:

Brilliant crash course! Loved it!
I'm new to music theory was going crazy about a piece of written music, your course helped me a lot!

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