How to Bounce In Pro Tools | Home Recording Basics

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Bouncing your finished mix is very important. This tutorial gives you step by step instructions on How to Bounce in Pro Tools.

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Wayne.wav says:

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John Couto says:

Great info always !

Nehemiah Jackson says:

God bless you every video you have made is nothing but the Absolute BEST would you please make a video on the equipment you use and continue the AMAZING work I have learned a lot from your channel and don't worry I subscribed and hit the Bell notification awesome work 10 Star " 4 U.

TyBeTroLLing says:

I got the Atlanta trap vocal template and just wanna say THANKS!!! Saved me hours of mixing and it got me to about 85% complete mix!!!

Nobby Nose says:

great video

Stanger23x says:

Next video, how to download Protools off the website LOL

Sean McCall says:

I do music for short films(scores and original "source music"). How do I bring out that large "cinematic" sound to my tracks?

Holden Taylo says:

How do I get my vocals to hit the beat perfect

Albany Posey says:

Can you do Logic pro X videos please sir? Thank you?

Albany Posey says:

I have pro tools, but really need to sit down with it and learn it. I will be looking for pro tools tutorials from you and other producers.

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