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This is a quick tutorial on how to bounce audio from a session to an MP3 in Pro Tools.


Switch Jackson says:

Pro tool to say that I'm not authorized to bounce to MP3 is there another way I can do it

zeus lee says:

I cannot use the mp3 option because it keeps saying it has expired. I have actually bought a mp3 license and I'm not sure how to activate it onto the programme itself. Is there any way you can tell me what I can do?

Jeff Taylor says:

Problem is it didn't work. I think it has to do with the timeline selection markers. Your tutorial shows something I don't appear to have. But I am persistent and will get this.

Jeff Taylor says:

Very helpful. I am new to PT and this has been a challenge so your tutorial really helps.

Talon Vick says:

Great tutorial thanks man

Matthieu Vignes says:

Hello. Thank you for your video. I have a question: I did exactly what you show on your video but the .WAVE or .MP3 I get after have a bad sounds, I get a lot of gain and noise that is not on the Protools project. Would you have any idea what could be wrong?
Thank you !

KeyloGuap says:

Good Looks Fam , Drop a mixing tutorial with a vocal mixing template bro check my page i got a few snippets up i need to get better at mixing before upload full tracks hmu fam

Khari Martino says:

I did all this and when I clicked bounce the 'time remaining' box shows up and disappears and nothing happens. Why is this? Then it shows a message saying "DAE error 6001 was encountered. The current playback engine does not support a sample rate of 44.1 kHz. So I change it to a lower sample rate and it automaticaly goes back to 44.1 on it's own.What do I do?

Jay Dobbins says:

Thank you. I'm new to PT and want to play a song at an open mic with a -1 track Thursday night. Now I can.

SavageGangJTF says:

When I Bounce Mines To Mp3 & I Listen To The Play Back I Hear A Popping Noise! Why Is That?

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