How to Adjust the Volume Pre-Mixer or Post-Mixer in Cubase | Q&A with Greg Ondo

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This episode provides useful answers addressing the best way to adjust the volume for an audio event in Cubase when pre-mixer or post-mixer. Let Greg Ondo tell you all about adjusting volume levels of audio events, using macros and more.

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E L I T E O N T H E B E A T says:

THANKS again Greg. Thumbs up #221
Keep up the great work Steinberg.

Frank Howell says:

Thanks Greg. Cubase always more features hidden away that we need! Appreciate you bringing them out.

Жандар Ерманов says:

How can I make the color of the track not inverted when touching the mouse???? PLS Help !!!

Tiago Lorena says:

I seriously wish you guys would offer a trial on iLok (crazy, right?!), I'm a Pro Tools user and honestly it's hard to make sense of buying your eLicenser just to be able to try the software.

Deanger Smith says:

Much appreciated, these videos are awesome, Cubase rules.

Musical Wizardry - Marco Iannello says:

How would that work for VST audio outputs?

Tom Ceschin says:

Greg, another thing (if I can explain it well enuf) regarding when I zoom into a track to see where I want to split a track. As I play the track, the area of the track i'm trying to view keeps advancing into area's of the track further down the line that is past the one area i'm trying to look at. (as the default setting follows the vertical bar that marks a point of a track) How do I freeze the small, zoomed in area of a track on my monitor, while the track is playing, so to inhibit the position of the vertical bar from advancing to the next sections of a track? thanks.

Jan Minor says:

If there are multiple lanes with events on a track, the waveform in the automation lane becomes a visual mess because every event gets displayed in layers. Is there a way to view only the active front most event of a track in the automation lane?

Mя. H¥ðє says:

Thank you Greg 🙂

far ema says:

Thanks wish you could import and export macro hopefully in Cubase 10

Sizzletube says:

big TU^ 108 😉

TheHirade says:

What about the gain knob in the channel strip? Any reason you didn't talk about that?

Acme Brand says:

Thank you Greg for all the knowledge you share about the cubase program.
It’s invaluable and helps us all save so much time.
Question, is there a list of what types of hardware the built in cubase plugins are emulating..
For instance, is the classic compressor based on a LA2A? Even more so what type of console/ channel strip is the cubase based on?
Thanks for your time.

Mehran Mosaddeq says:

Perfect Greg, thank you so much.


Hey Man very very helpful! Keep going . Very great

Tiago Massochin says:

That's awesome!

Eric Bellerose says:

Wow that’s pinpoint!

Tom Ceschin says:

how are you presenting the drop menu at 2:18, 2:28, etc. (shows 'object selection' then 'range selection', etc.) ? thanks. these vid's are very helpful.

Claudius LeBlanc says:

Thank you Greg! Always clear and useful 😉

Louis Turse says:

How do monitor properly? When i have say 8 channels for drums with monitor and record enabled and the drummer wants to hear and practice to the track without recording. I am using the tape machine setting. How do professional studios deal with this problem? And its not group tracks….. Please someone let me know. Thanks.

Gareth Millers says:

Thank you Greg.

Gerhard Binkele says:

Really in depth – I like it!!!

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