How The Top Producers Make Melodies With NO Music Theory [ FL Studio Melody Tutorial ]

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KBeaZy says:

If you want melodies like this, go cop my new MIDI kit that I made w/ BasedKash:

Unfoldedwarrior says:

that was dope as fuck..

Kyzrxx says:

first chord sounds like the beginning of fuck love by xxxtentacion

Ted Shines TV says:

Boy u fire as fuck

Epindary says:

If your computer has a GPU, use that to process the video in OBS.

DJ HIGH says:

Kbeazy fyed up!!!

Cache says:

great video, i recommend buying a proper screen recording software tho if you wanna do videos like this full time. Mirills Action! is great

bezubovas says:

I don't really care if you cry.
On the real, you shoulda never lied

george kefalas says:

How did you get that costum skin for fl?

OverweightPoro says:

absolutely great video man, I like what you're doing. keep up the great work!

Joe Ponce says:

bruh why are you so good at teaching this stuff<3


How to get FL gang theme

Legit Wubz says:

Watching your vids for breakfast

Legit Wubz says:

Melody straight up sounds like its from harry potter or something

Clean Tracks says:

beazy jus cut ur hair again and you'll be even more drippier

MidWest Ent. says:

how many beats do you make a day

Rate R Superstar says:

U cute asl kbeazy

Isaiah 500 says:

Anyway to get nice sounds without playing too much??

SammyWagnz says:

yall better buy his beats so he can buy a new laptop

Scott Farlee says:

slapped the FUCK out of the camera in the intro



Larenz Davis says:

To make good beats all you need is a good melody with the right sound. Then add a nice 808 pattern and a nice sounding 808. Simple but not easy

jekkt says:

you're a real inspiration man

jekkt says:

someone get this man a new computer

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