How (and Why) to Fix Drum Phase Issues | Mix Together [2]

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James Sanders says:

Hi Joe,

Something Confusing but fascinating.

When checking polarity between the combined Snare to the OHs, I liked the tone and tightness of the snare WITH the polarity inverted. Yet, when I did same a/b with a visual with a loudness meter as a double check, the dB was about 2dBs louder WITHOUT the polarity switched.

Also the L/R had more variance between them on the DRUM Mix Buss live. (Yes, I was listening in mono but metering still in stereo). I also noticed the tone of the Snare was higher without the polarity switched and was lower and more in tune with the Kick when polarity was not.

Conclusion, ears are more important than metering. No One listens through their meters. They listen through their ears. lol

Steve in Oz says:

Loved this-a real ear opener!

Mitchell Rodgers says:

I am glad you reminded me about the phase issues. I would have started mixing without even checking this.

Haukur Palmason says:

Awesome video on a subject that too often is neglected. You switch the polarity of the snare bottom mic, and then again on the snare bus. I guess it would work the same by just switching the polarity on the snare top?

James Bishop says:

Hah, Per…Misson

Brian Fields says:

Finally going through this now that I have some time.
Listening to the Bass tracks, to me it seems like they also sound better with one flipped.

Emanuele Rusconi says:

My inner electronics engineer shivers when he hears "invert phase" instead of "invert polarity". Thanks Joe for getting that right, big thumbs up!
I thinks there's (sometimes) some value in shifting the tracks to compensate delays and realign the transients, especially to realign the kick and the snare with the overheads.

Sascha Kühn says:

Very good video , thank you very much ! Would have liked to hear just the snare bottom flip removed . Just to hear the difference. Is it only strictly phase flip on / off or is there something like a fader/pot ( like sample delay ) . Or does that get too fiddly as the differences are not that big anyway ?( except for the snare on my headphones ) Thanks again

Jules C says:

Great video! Peace from France! Which software are you using to capture your screen while making the tutorial? What's the basic setup? It's nice and smooth!

Gavin S says:

Great video as always!

One thing I like to do if I flip the polarity of a track is print it, so that I can remove the Plugin. This free's up a slot, as well as ensures I don't "unflip" the polarity by mistake.

NOTE: In Studio One I use Event Effects to do this.

Bunglespice says:

The thing I've always struggled with is choosing which one sounds better. For example, in this video @10:00 when you checked the phase of the snare, I picked the opposite of what you did because I thought it had more bottom end, though I see your point about the snap and attack of your choice. I'm also sure your decision was better than mine. I wish I could just train my ear better to know which one to chose. As always, I really appreciate your efforts.

Nathan Walker says:

Love this. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you have 2 mono tracks with opposite phase and you start raising the volume, shouldn't everything (like tone/"eq") be identical because mathematically you're just raising the gain?

Zach Dufrene says:

Hey Joe, thank you for doing this series! I'm enjoying it so far.

Tim Jac says:

Hey Joe….This is the first "session" I have watched and it's been great. I've watched a lot of your stuff and I want to thank you for all you do to help people like me!
Thanks again!

John Walton says:

Hey Joe,
I jumped ahead after the last video and was testing the phase, I locked in on the snare as well, but instead of putting a second phase inverter on the snare bus I ended up testing which track it sounded better on in tandem with the kick. I ended up putting it on the first snare track. I think that gives the same result??
I didn't think to check out the overheads, Tom's etc. Learned something new there.
Great idea for a video series, looking forward to the next one.

Chris Matarazzo says:

Very cool — the kind of stuff I never saw the engineers do when I was in studios. The "nerdy" stuff is what I need! Thanks.

#Salterszo says:

Great stuff Joe, the mix tool has a lot of power for a plugin that seems so insignificant but I use it all the time from phase, polarity and gain staging. Tried the demo of Soundradix AutoAlign, as others have mentioned, but seemed a little convoluted to set up for my simple mind lol, pricey too!

Evert Schut says:

Hi Joe, Great initiative this series! I downloaded your files and set up the mix the way you did. Then of course I got curious and started fiddling knobs….. found quite a few of the files to contain only sound on the left side of the mix. If I panned right: no sound. What went wrong? Maybe related: I only have one file each for the rooms and overheads.  This video is really useful too. I know about phase relations but never realised how to go about using this. I was busy shifting waveforms till now, usually ending up with worse results.

Pierre Ghanem says:

Please PLEASE get rid of the fly in your room it's annoying the shit out of my ears lol

Adam Warlock says:

Everyone needs to learn the principles behind phase issues and how to fix them before using something like Auto-Align. I love that plug-in, it's your phase correction assistant, but you need to know why to use it and how to use it properly.

AronMay says:

hahh, i knew it, but still forgot it to do 😀 good video

Sellarmusic says:

I going to think of the phase alignment as part of the "get it right at the source" mindset before you start mixing. What really stood out for me in this video was how bad the kick sounded out of phase even when you boosted the EQ and volume. It had a nasty almost distorted sound that just disappeared when you flipped the polarity. Good stuff Joe.

Tony Clark says:

You mentioned 2 OH tracks and 2 Room tracks. I only received one of each in the download

David Dobs says:

simple stuff, but you are right 😉

Lakshay Kukreja says:

Wow! Your phase checking method is a little more detailed! I always used to solo the whole drum bus and check for phase issues on each individual drums. Would try this on my next mix!

BTW, when is the Static Mix video coming?

nickpov3y says:

this video is definitely needed. i forget this all the time, literally do a whole mix and probably throw a bunch of plug ins with crazy boosts and compression all coz im trying to make something thats not actually there.

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