How a Dumb Drummer like Myself PASSED College Level Music Theory

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Bob Schoepen jr says:

That was very helpful!

Mason says:

How do I grow up

Bailey McLean says:

What synth sound are you using in garage band for this??

ZackeDrums says:

Broooo, in my middle school we just stayed in the drum room screwing around… the drum teachers were teaching at the high school

Eithel Mora says:

THAAAAANK YOUUUUUU! Man this is the first time I encountered a normal approach to music theory

Ege says:

Very useful video man ✌️ keep cool

Zach Schmitt says:

What keyboard are you using in the video?

D G says:

I feel like you care about my well being.

Ma Ja says:

Great advice. Thanks.

Aidan Robles says:

i had to learn this shit on guitar

Nick Crameri says:

Oi was it Tommy x

Anthony Passante Contaldi says:

As a drummer learning how to play the piano saved my life. It not only helped with theory but it also helped me get more gigs. When you have more irons in the fire it will help make your life a lot easier.

Lord Hotdawg says:

Thanks so much zack

Downtown Drumming says:

Music theory=scary

Wojtyła says:

so… to pass college level music theory you have to learn some basic music theory. Huh. Interesting.
jk bro you da best

MagicalMelon567 says:

I play the drums as my main instrument and have been playing for nearly 5 years and guitar as my secondary instrument and I only started the guitar 2 months ago. Would I be able to pass year 11 gcse music theory through just learning the guitar and not learning piano chords ( I have a piano and have tried it but I don’t enjoy playing it)

Nick does Quad drumming says:

Your channel is gold dude i seriously appreciate this channel

Karl Penel says:

Are you sure he was not high

Abbott says:

Hell yes dude this is like a cheat sheet for what to drill if you want to be "good enough" at piano. Thanks man.

Akshay Bodla says:

Bro I’m a computer engineer what am I doing here

Brae Pilgrim says:

Hey man, I've been trying to learn some music theory for my own use and this was super helpful. Really dig your channel!

yarpyarp85 says:

dude, awesome

Eric Wallin says:

Stay percussive, and use a bell kit!

Manuel Lopez says:

My boi, you are gonna be huge. Love your content.

Alexandre Rodrigues says:

dude…that video felt just 'right for me!'!

5hyGuy42 says:

Well thank you

V. Paul Janbazian says:

I (a drummer) too, initially failed music theory and I played piano too. Bb 7 augmented ninth, yay…

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