Hip-Hop Songwriting Techniques: How To Turn BORING Songs Into HITS

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In today’s article, we’re going to give you five hip-hop songwriting techniques to automatically turn FRIENDS in FANS and make them think of your music as SOARING not BORING.

The hip-hop songwriting techniques used here are based on the latest scientific data on what makes a song into a ‘hit’ and how even the most lyrically respected rappers are changing the techniques in their hip-hop songwriting.

So if you’re a fan who’s wondered what HAS changed and WILL change in the world of hip-hop songwriting techniques in the 21st century… this is the article for you.

FULL ARTICLE HERE: https://rapgamenow.com/5-hip-hop-songwriting-techniques/

This video on how to rap for beginners features some of the best songwriter tips for artists trying to become experts in hip-hop songwriting techniques.

We’ll feature some ideas on how to start rapping from a songwriting perspective, songwriting inspiration tips, and overall how to be a rapper who knows how to write a hit song as opposed to a boring one!



MacThaDon says:

Y'all check out the 2 freestyles I dropped, let me know what y'all think

Jay Quest says:

I feel I'm so old school n trying to do some new styles but my old 90s 2003 style still shows I wonder if I can make that a good thing

mp 7 says:

You talk about Nicki Minaj she can't rap at all she is one of the worst people who got in rap game Eminem dissed female rappers back then they were awful but there were much better than her and also cardi p can't rap

/ Cursed says:

It's funny if you look at the length of rappers like Pump and Tentation most of their tracks are about 2:30.

Isaiah Lynch says:

Heres a rap I been writing took 3 weeks. Yo my name is Joe and im here to say I love fruity pebbles in a special way

Jayson Clinton says:

Great video

Christopher Carter says:

I don't even start writing till the beat drop lmao


How are any of these things techniques? your advice is empty.

Mason Healy says:

Yo Drew what up,
Been watching a lot more of your videos. Tha is for the dope content. I'm learning more and more everyday.
Do you have higher priced subscriptions/ packages for one on one coaching?
I'll be getting your class soon but wanted to look into chopping it up with ya for some deeper instruction.
Thanks bro.

Studio FA says:

Need beats? Check this studiofa.beatstars.com

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