Hidden 'Asteroids' style game in Pro Tools

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There’s a hidden ‘Asteroids’ style game in Pro Tools. This has been in the software since at least version 12.8 and, despite a couple of mentions in online forums, seems to have otherwise gone largely unnoticed by the majority of users.

In this video I demonstrate how to access and play this hidden game in Pro Tools Ultimate.


Nero Das says:

More tutorials PLEASE !!

Shaleen says:

all your videos are really helping me out, i want to thank you 🙂 Love from India <3

MrBitterman75 says:

here goes my $400 a year, good to know. Well played Avid.

petecalandra says:

Hi Paul. Thank you for sharing. While this is cool, it’s telling that Avid put time into this and not into track and clip folders which would be actually, like you know, useful. And they wonder why people don’t like them.

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