Guitar Chord Theory Lessons – Music Theory – Part 1

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1. Larry’s Guitar – Custom made
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Other Guitars I recommend:
Rs 1500 – Rs. 2000 (Left Handed)

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Strings for Fingerstyle/ Solos

2. Guitar picks –
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0.71 mm –
Assorted picks of all sizes –

3. Guitar Tuner –
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4. Metronome –
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5. Capo
Normal –
SpiderCapo –

6. Guitar Strap –
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Option 3 (Budget canvas) –

7. Fretboard Inlay –

Guitar Maintenance:
1. String Winder and Cutter –
Option 1 –
Option 2 (Budget) –

2. Fretboard conditioner – Dunlop 6554 Lemon Oil 4 Ounce –

3. Guitar Polish and Cleaner – Dunlop 65 Guitar Polish and Cleaner, 118 ml –

4. Steel Wool #0000 –

5. Fretboard protector –

Recording equipment:
1. Camera – Nikon D5300 –
2. Go Pro Hero 7 Black –
3. Zoom H1n mic –

Editing software:
1. Final cut pro X


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Adit's Guitar Lessons says:

Watch the lesson in English here –
My Music Theory Course is available here

Suryansh Thakur says:

Best music theory lesson on youtube❤️

bhavna chaughule says:

fantastic sir but it will take time to understand thorouhly. plz give this type of lesson.have a nice day

Tashi Sherpa says:

Sir dont close this theory course till i will be big ok

Animik Saha says:

Sir when is the next video of this series coming?!

Arnab Ghosh says:

Sir I have one request please don't get demotivated for less views.what have you done for us is ….I can't spell in words…I just want to say from my heart I understand and feel your struggle and Thank you sir Thank you so so much.please never change yourself.

Shiva Rajput says:

Sir guitar me C major chord me C E C kyu aata hai
Jbki formula me C E G hai C major chord

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