Grammy Award Winning Producer / Mixer / Grill Master, Josh Gudwin – Pensado’s Place #385

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This week’s guest is a Grammy Award Winning Mixer / Producer / Grill Master, and the man behind Justin Bieber’s “Purpose”, Dua Lipa’s “IDGAF”, DJ Khaled’s “No Brainer”, Post Malone’s “Stoney”, and many more great records. Tune in as we discuss his latest work with Juanes “Mis Planes Son Amarte”, and Dua Lipa’s “New Rules”. Welcome to The Place, Josh Gudwin.

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Sid East says:

Plugin overload ! – when Buying plugins always remember they have a resale value of – fuck ALL !

justin kastner says:

Did Dave write the pensado theme song?

Claudio Wiesflecker says:

Dave, thanks for speaking about the moments that aren't that much fun – very motivating to see that everyone has to go through that..

Uriel Giovanni says:

HOORAY FOR JUSTICE KAVANAUGH:))) AND Great interview as always 🙂


Yooo.. St. Vincent in there!!! Im excited that the Caribbean are getting chance to win!!

Marc Ottavi says:

That's cool .. amazing mixer, but Despacido….Bieber… No soul music man

onter action says:

What reverb did he say? White room by?


the award on the left speaker looks like its about to fall..

TheBlashMusic says:

Anytime I see Josh Gudwin in the title, I click. He’s an incredible mixer.

Les July says:

How do we know how the bass fits in the mix…if we never get to hear the mix ? We have zero reference point.

JsoloMeDiA says:

Katy Perry…… Rita Ora……. or Rihanna…… For my next single…………………???
One unreleased track……………. One Songstress………….. before I get back to working on new music.

Brayan De Ita says:

Do we have to resign up every week? Is so how?

Desmond Mason says:

RE: ITL…I would have liked to listen to how the bass actually sat in the rest of the mix after all the processing.

Spidey Coolz says:

First one here

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