Good and Evil in the Persona 5 Soundtrack [Patron Request]

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In one of my most esoteric videos yet, I talk about the idea of darkness and brightness in music and why you should use borrowed chords.

Adam Neely video I mentioned:
Jacob Collier video I also mentioned:



socially unacceptable says:

Speaking of brighter and darker, I was just listening to someone play violin with scordatura technique, that is to say, all the strings tuned a half step up, and aside from making my perfect pitch scream in agony, I was struck with how the whole thing sounded brighter to me. There's something about the higher pitch that just gives that impression.

Xale 1231 says:

So what you're saying is Persona 5's soundtrack is scientifically proven to be a banger

PlayPod says:

hearing the music of persona 5 makes me miss persona 5. the game is so long and is very much a life simulator as it is an rpg it draws you in. but im not playing another 116 hours of the same game

oisinholz says:

I've just started playing with the idea of modal mixture recently and this video really helped lay it all out simply for me! Awesome as always, very informative, and I can't wait to go try some of it now with this knowledge 😀

McCaroni Sup says:

8:59 crazy should've been akechi lol

toddnyallison says:

This is one of my favorite games so this video was an awesome breakdown of why the soundtrack slaps so hard. Thank you so much!

Duran McLemore says:

"might stain human comprehension" Giant Steps would like to speak with you

Alberto Santamaría Lázaro says:

Great video man. You finally made me understand this stuff! Great work man!

Martin Tran says:

When you don't understand any music theory but enjoyed it anyways cuz persona 5.

Baksteenmeneer says:

I have 1 question: how does Beneath the Mask sound so ambient, while it isn't written all that ambient? Or in general, why is this soundtrack so good and criminally underrated

Jaiden Ester says:

0/10 Didn’t talk about You Never Saw it Coming

Skuggspel17 says:

Really interesting! I don't know a lot about music theory, but I do get the gist of what you're saying, and it's interesting enough for me to follow along 🙂

Evandro Poletto says:

I WANT to find more musics with the same style of P4 and P5

Kuro Nyra says:

Can we get an analysis on "River on the Desert"? I'm curious about how that music was constructed to give that overwhelming feeling at the start and how it goes to a jazzy feel while retaining all the tension.

Kuro Nyra says:

6:16 "Energetic rift. AKA an Eargasmn."

Kaung Si says:

12:12 How bad can it be ? 12:18 oh dear god. Save my ears.

Farkyrie says:

I've no idea what you are saying but you're right.

Cabbage Man says:

8:25 smiles in Goro akechi

Valleyraven007 says:

You should analyze prey's soundtrack. It is insanely atmospheric

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