get ready with me (tips for creativity)

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Val Mont says:

This idea of telling us your ideas while making you up comes very arrogant: I don´t like it. It sounds like " I am on a really important thing, but I give you some minutes telling you how you can enhance your life. You losers. Just listen while I am doing my make up. Zum Kotzen! Ich fand dich sehr beeindruckend im ersten Video, aber jetzt sehe ich, du bist nur eine relativ talentierte extrem eitle und selbstverliebte Zicke, die sich selbst gerne reden hört. Boa!!!

Aidan Evans says:

I love you so much!!!!!

Niva Ruvio says:

Smart funny thank you xoxoxo

Andie Thornton says:

This is so helpful! I'm so bad at starting songs

Meghan Pinkston says:

you look like if autumn was a person and i am in love with it

Evan Gero says:

" You will die, and nothing will matter" WELL THANKS! haha always inspiring <3

Oct Agon says:

That's a really interesting way of going about writing music. I would say from my own experience to learn not chord progressions, but just chords. Know the difference between minor, major, diminished, augmented, and learn how to move them around the keyboard or fret board or whatever. I guess in general, learn the scales and simple chords, and then beyond that do random. Not that I'm a good artist, i'm not, so don't expect what I say to be of any importance.

Aside from advice, I learned how to write music on banjo with C minor, C major, and G major. At least that's what i took from the chord chart, but soon after I just started messing around with the notes, like instead of c major (c, e, g) i would use something that resembled c major, or minor, or suspended, but wasn't any of those (c, f#, g). And that's basically what I do, for my style of music i just really twist notes around and over till I can make something really creepy. Or to begin with a normal minor, go to creepy chords, to a different minor or major, back to original minor. Not that I plan this, but a lot of my songs follow this pattern and it really brings you on a sad trip from sad to scared to different sad, to still sad. Again, that's just me observing my work, i don't sit down at my desk and try to make a chord progression that will make people feel a certain way, i just pick one blindly with feelings that i relate to.

Imerinkim says:

In an interview, Bill Hader once talked about how he would get the worst anxiety right before doing skits on SNL and to combat it he would come out saying something other than what was written on the script, just for his opening line, and it would immediately calm him down because he realized he screwed up, which was his biggest fear, but he was still there and everything was fine. So whenever I’m performing I like to remember that little anecdote to remind me that even if I mess up things will go on and everything will be okay ❤️ love you Tessaaaaa

Justasweird says:

This is SUCH good advice

kemble says:

i like how when tessa references to her past she isnt always self deprecating- too many people talk about the stupid things they did when they were younger. sure, its important to be comfortable with growth but have a little compassion for yourself.

Marco Ford says:

You have been fooled by the angel of death. ALL of this matters

• LexieLou • says:

Okay, um Tess, hun, beautiful video, but the reminder that we are all gonna die. That’s not. Please no.

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