GEORGE HARRISON (songwriting tips from famous songwriters)

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George Harrison shot to fame as the guitarist for The Beatles. By the time the Beatles had broken up, George Harrison had proven to his bandmates and the world, he had become one of the best songwriters of his generation.
In this episode of songwriting tips from famous songwriters, I trace George’s songwriting journey revealing crucial songwriting tips and especially valuable songwriting tips for beginners.

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These videos are meant to break down the songwriting process into easy to use tips, techniques, and tools that spark creativity and help you apply them like the pros. I do my best to make videos that share the ‘secrets’ of writing great songs without holding anything back.

My main focus with this channel is to pass on the tools of the trade that I have learned and found to make a big difference to my creative flow and songwriting. There is an old saying that goes “everybody has one great song in them”, I hope to show you that once you know what makes a song great, you can apply it to all the songs you write. Start from the heart, follow your gut, and revise with your mind.

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This video is about George Harrison songwriting tips from famous songwriters


SongWriters Chop Shop says:

Who's your favorite Beatle??

E H says:

Love this could you do some tips from elvis costello

ghost _ says:

this is awesome!


loli bog says:

Thank you so much for the hidden motivation message

James Daniel Murphy says:

Favourite video so far. Love it.

Gino Tarabotto says:

Super inspiring. Thank you very much for posting.

Ode to The Wretched says:

I swear you don't miss bro! All your videos are bangerz!!! Love this channel

tabletop581 says:

good lesson in this; hard work produces the fruit

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