Gary Barlow shares songwriting tips with Zane Lowe

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Gary Barlow shares his songwriting advice with Zane Lowe ahead of the BBC Introducing Musicians’ Masterclass at Abbey Road and Maida Vale studios.

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Robina Kym says:

This presenter only succeeded in getting in the way of what could have and should have been a very interesting interview

Homeslice Mayham says:

Shut up zane

Seymour Maxfield says:

so this guy didn't realize that rock singers didn't have to have husky voices until he heard coldplay? what about thom yorke

themkk2008 says:

What a nice guy.

ajd626 says:

Everyone, lay off the interviewer and interviewers in general! They are just genuinely enthusiastic about the person they are interviewing. At least they actually speak rather than sit there star struck, which is what 99% of the people criticising here would be like in their position. Just be grateful the interviews exist at all.

amazed66 says:

Does he say Pacifically at around 11:31?

Leanne Bandte says:

Starts talking about how he actually starts writing a song and gets completely cut off with a random question. ARGGGGGGHHH!

Iain Booths Garden Studios says:

I think the haters comments about Zane Lowe are completely unnecessary. I really enjoyed this interview – well done Zane and Garys – the insights were excellent.

Richy Walsh says:

He is a fantastic singer/songwriter……so passionate! an inspiration!

Titus Monk says:

the day zane lowe fucked his career

Tony Millward says:

Gary is so generous in this interview, so interesting and inspirational.

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