Fundamentals of Mixing Lesson 22 part1: BG Vocals – Mixing Basics

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This video is from the “Mixing With Mike” live online classes every Wednesday evening @ 7PM US Eastern time. All live classes may be attended for FREE! Go to and click on the Mixing With Mike graphic for details on how to attend.


eclrose says:

Just like to say, this is the best series of mixing Tutorials I've seen, I've watched up to this point (lesson 22 part 1) and my mix's have improved beyond belief, thank you so much Michael you're such generous man spending the time and effort doing this for people, looking forward to watching and learning from the rest of this series, once again thank you mike you're a diamond.


how do you know when you've done enough of something in EQs or whatever? every change you made here was very subtle… and the voices were well recorded so it wasn't exactly hard to fix. what about recordings done outside of pro settings? BGVs are the most exciting part of vocal recordings for me so that's why i want to get better at them…

O J says:

Thanks! amazing techniques

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