Frontliner Testimonial on Cubase 10 | First Impressions

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Hardstyle producer Frontliner loves the new features in Cubase 10! In this video he tells us about the many new things in Cubase 10 that are great for hardstyle, EDM, techno and electronic music production, including the Distroyer plug-in, the enhanced sidechain and the faster workflow. With new virtual instruments and many more updated features, Cubase is undoubtedly the best production platform for dance and electronic music!

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Pauluz de Boskabouter says:

Ferrie ferrie koel men! Hahaha

ONNO van Velzen says:

Logic Pro on the App Store in the background LOL

dan says:

Omg frontliner ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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