Friday Video #007. Understanding 16 Bit vs 24 Bit Depth in Digital Audio

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David Wills


Sonny says:

So i get that 24 bit has more resolution, but why does it have more dB ? Shouldn't it be the same amount of dB but divided into more steps? thanks.

Shotty 4HF says:

Absolutely superb.

CrazyCreations says:

Do you work for Roland ?

MrDeer says:

Brilliant, I now understood why we should lower the gain while recording at 24 bit

Tarciso Fabian says:

Hi, recording and mixing with Sample Rate at 44,100 kHz and bit depth at 16 loses quality? Thank you.

CromeStyle says:

Maybe its the lack of knowledge of many producers but their seems to be a myth going around that says there's no real difference between 16 and 24 but like you've explained,it really can make the difference in the mix..really is the best articulated and blackboard(the new whiteboard)explanation I've seen on youtube for explaining the difference between bit sizes and the reason why the difference between the 2 can make a better mix,especially heavier mixes.

NMHindman says:

Best explanation I've encountered. Great teaching, many thanks as usual…

Watchman4u says:

Looks like yer about to have a smoke at the beginning. lol the piece of chalk looked like a Cig.

Kool Kat Recording Studios says:

Thanks David

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