Franz Ferdinand Songwriting Tips

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Nick and Alex give their top tips for budding songwriters


Bounce2it says:

these comments are a complete wreck. go all the way down and report back to me with any observations.

Dana Blaze says:

"Well I'm bored, I'm bored C'mon let's get high" – Best Franz Ferdinand lyrics ever

goldmoogle says:

Can't really grow facial hair my ass.

sylvisnt says:

If I was Nick I would have punched Alex in the face.
This is one of the most annoying interviews I have seen of them.

Evan42881 says:

Great fucking band 🙂

sylvisnt says:

Ehm Alex, you should let talk Nick some time…

newspapertux says:

0:45 Annoyed, 1:29 Really Annoyed

Lucas Villanueva says:

1:23 mic steal

ananon3423 says:

This is good advice. I wish I could understand what they were saying.

MrRollingStone72 says:

Shit song-writers to pick from,ahaha 🙂

Mark Buerschaper says:

Interesting views on the songwriting process.

Featureman says:

Many different kinds of songwriters. Leiber-Stoller and Chuck Berry and Hank Williams. I also enjoy the imagination of Shel Silverstein and the unusual patter of Roger Miller. I admire each songwriter who uses his own style.

jik1992 says:

Nick looks pissed.

Linda Houben says:

What has Alex do with his hair XD
Tough, Nicks hair is lovely.

Holly Lovelock says:

Very good, enjoyed that!

thebeatschool says:

check out my channel for more vids on chord progressions and melodies.

Nicauska27 says:

Nick look is very handsome heree!
That hairstyle fits him sexyy!

Simon says:

Maybe he's tired or he thinks what he should say 😛

kstarquasar1 says:

nick looks bored every time alex speaks

deadgreystar says:

one of his parents is greek, other is scottish, born and raised in glasgow. Yeah hes a greek 😉

dasha hound says:

"bewk" ^^

Ginger c says:

God, 2 die 4 this Scottish Accent, Damn…
love it!!!

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