FIRST LOOK: Pro Tools 2019

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Still worthless.

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J Riley Hill says:

I agree with you about Pro Tools, I actually like the software. HATE avid. Greedy and out of touch. Switched to REAPER as well.

Martin Poole says:

never used protools because I'm not a fan of monthly fees. I use to be a big fan of Adobe Audition, but they went the subscription route too so dropped'em like a hot potato. I'm sold on PreSonus Studio One Pro, no subscription, can be loaded on 5 hosts! that's huge for me. PreSonus is taking pro bull users away and PreSonus really tries to keep up with consumer wishes…

chriscauldermusic says:

I love your videos and sense of humor. Avid is over after ripping people off for decades. Reaper has had all of these new features and more for YEARS. And Reaper's more popular than ever. What a beautiful time it is, in the home recording world.

DMN says:

Get Logic for $200…done

Mookmusik says:

I guess you don't use Pro Tools then?

N. Ibraimo says:

There are plenty of other DAWs out there, how about a comparison and try and give recommendation based on use case and budget and gear.

OUTSS1 says:

Hate avid they ruined a great product

Michael mertens says:

I still use Pro Tools for mixing, but for creative stuff Ableton Live 10. Pro Tools now is more like a utility software, but for writing and creating the completely wrong choice.

Kling Music says:

I just want to say sorry for hating on previous videos. I see where you are coming from now on all of your videos actually. Keep it up

NultyMusic says:

FL Studio= Free updates for life.

I'm sure reapers great, so is logic, etc. But ProTools is ridiculous. There's a stigma that "only pro's use PT" and that stigma is BS. PT is a joke

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