Final Fantasy VI Analysis Series PART 2: How an Idea Grows Across a Soundtrack

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In the second installment of this 3-part series on the music of Final Fantasy VI, I take a look at how series composer Nobuo Uematsu evolves melodic material throughout the soundtrack using the brothers Edgar and Sabin’s theme as an example.


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-Headless- says:

I don't even understand most of this theory talk, but these videos are incredibly fascinating anyways. Great work! Uematsu is a legend.

Sam Helms says:

can you do an episode on runescane music please? idk what you'd talk about but those tracks are so good

biaza says:

I gotta play this game again.

researchinbreeder says:

Ok, so I kinda cheesed Kefka by having Tranced Terra spam X-Magic Ultimas while under Quick and Haste. Does he automatically kill you when Dancing Mad ends, or does it loop from the fourth motion?

Marth of Altea says:

Argh, cliffhangers! My arch-nemeses! NOOOOOO!!!

Okay, in all seriousness, this was another great video. I always knew that "Edgar & Sabin" and "Coin Song" used a similar motif, but I never would have expected them to have fit together in such a way! Uematsu is such an incredible composer! ^_^

Psych Ed says:

I don't think I've ever seen an educational video about music theory that ends on a cliff hanger. Very excited about the next episode!

meme says:

This Nobuo Uematsu guy is a genius

LeoJesus says:

That cliffhanger though!

DarthBinary says:

AKA the word everyone on the internet throws around to make them seem like they know music theory.

researchinbreeder says:

6:40 I think the electric piano is supposed to emulate a harp or other similar instrument. At least, that's how it felt to me.

BiggBossChanel says:

I don't know much about music theory but i think uematsu compositions feel so nice because they are logical, you can somehow expect what the next portion will be but still be satisfied when you hear it, some weird dopamine injections

Jason Stanaland says:

I just found this channel and it's everything I was looking for

Cero Balam says:

So dancing is the last part.

Zippo Funghetto says:

Ooooh my god the absolute madman is gonna do a video about Dancing Mad…

Princess Celestia says:

I'm glad you are as excited about leitmotifs as I am

Shelby Herring says:

"Lit"-motifs, that joke hasn't been made before… or wait… Adam, Siedways, nor 12tone hasn't done this yet…Aw F-!Wonderfully in depth piece as always, dude, I am not a musician of any caliber or theorist by any means, but I enjoy the educational and entertaining way people like you, Adam Neely, 12tone, and Sideways go about explaining musical concepts people don't really think about. And I love the fact you finally got to this game… I have only seen one or two other channels do a thematic analysis of this game. KUDOS

bdwitt66 says:

How have y'all been pronouncing Sabin for 25 years? Sah-bin or Say-bin?

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